Raw Mini

Buy our Raw CBD Tincture online today! Our Raw formula is basic: Full spectrum CBD and a natural oil mix. Nothing else. If you are looking for basic, non-GMO, natural ingredients that you understand and can control this is the product for you. The Raw Mini was created so that you can try our Raw CBD without breaking the bank. Also a great product to take on the go.

Ingredients:  MCT Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.

Serving Size:  1 dropper  (10.5 mg CBD/serving)

Servings Per Container:  ~9  (95mg of CBD per bottle guaranteed)

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Raw Tincture by Diem CBD includes two simple ingredients: Full spectrum CBD hemp oil and medium chain triglyceride oil. If you’d rather get all of those awesome nutrients included in “Calm” tinctures from other sources, go right ahead, but don’t let that prevent you from getting all of the beneficial effects of CBD. The inclusion of an all natural MCT oil in our Raw Tincture serves to provide the ideal ratio of 3:1 omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids and may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Each serving of Raw Tincture contains 20mg of CBD that may help to relieve your pain and anxiety. Raw CBD Tincture is available online for purchase and delivery world wide!