Sample Pack

Buy a CBD Sample Pack online today!  We created this package deal so that you can try all of Diem’s amazing CBD products to figure out the one that works best for you! We have included three different mini tincture bottles, two different types of capsules, and a mini topical. Enjoy!

Ingredients, serving sizes, servings per package, and nutritional values vary from product to product. Check out each product’s page on our shopping page for more details.



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Welcome to Diem CBD, where your relief is our top priority.  Whether it be chronic pain you’ve experienced your whole life, an inability to get to sleep and stay asleep, even aches and pains that come from everyday life, CBD may help to provide relief from these conditions and many, many more. The CBD Sample Pack comes with three different CBD tinctures (Calm No. 2, Raw, Pet), two kinds of CBD capsules (Fuel and Relax), and a CBD topical lotion (Soothe). We truly believe in the power of CBD to improve everyone’s lives in some way, and we hope you find what works for you.  CBD Sample Packs are available online for purchase and delivery world wide.