Building a pain-free world, one tube at a time.

To us CBD is a tool that can change the world. Pharmaceutical companies charge INSANE prices for medicine that costs them very little to manufacture. We think that sucks, and we have made it our mission to do something about it by offering a plant-based solution to pain management. DiemCBD grows and distributes the highest quality and most environmentally conscious CBD products in the world. 5% of our earnings are donated to fighting global plastic pollution.

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DiemCBD provides our family, friends, customers, and community trusted access to responsibly-sourced, high-quality CBD products. We partner with certified GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and USDA Organic farmers for all of our ingredients, and work with FDA certified nutraceutical companies to package our products. We endeavor to bring value to our consumers by offering fair prices, education, and incredible products that can be incorporated into daily health regimens.

Grown in Oregon.

DiemCBD provides tinctures, capsules, salves, topicals, and other forms of CBD to communities around the world. All of our products meet the quality and testing standards defined in the 2014 US Farm Bill passed by the United States Congress. As such, our products contain less than .3% THC, which means DiemCBD products will not generate any psychoactive affects and can be legally distributed across state lines and internationally. DiemCBD is based in Portland, Oregon.

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